Welcome to my Portfolio

My name is Matthias Ewald. I am a 3D Artist / Programmer / Webdeveloper from Germany.

On the following sites you will get an insight in my work. I like to call myself a creative nerd and love everything about 3D Graphics and Game Development.
"It's like playing god..."
Three Words to describe myself and what I am doing:


Besides the fascination for 3D technology, art has a high priority. It is important for me to go beyond the technique, express something with my work and evoke emotions. Creativity also means to me, that I put the capabilities of virtual reality at best use and combine different techniques or programms.


Already as a child I was fascinated by technology. I discovered early that their purpose isn't gaming only, but that they are powerful tools to let my creativity flow. Since my first experiences with 3D graphics, this field has become my greatest passion.


Flexibility is one of my considerable capabilities. Since the first experiences with a variety of programs, I have been developing a quick comprehension for program logics and complex tasks. I am steadily informing myself about recent developments in the industry and acquire further knowledge to extend my skills.

All artwork copyright Matthias Ewald 2006-2013.